Monday, March 12, 2012

LSR Honda 350 Update

Few more things came together this week.  Many more to come.

Big power in a small package!
Bruce scored these ceramic bearings from World Wide Bearings.  When these things start rolling they don't wanna stop!

I cut the junk off the trees and had them powder coated.

Mark at Exotx came through again with this cool Rocker box cover/ head girdle
Front wheel hub assembled
Rear wheel hub also assembled with the sprint car rotor
Custom made Rebel aluminum rear sprocket.  Small means fast!

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  1. Triple tree is an important part of motorcycle because its function is to attach the fork tubes and the frames together. And powder coating it is a very wise decision because it gives lasting protection. A help from a pro in coating is definitely a must to ensure that it was done properly.

    Lonnie Summerall