Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Behind A Barn, To A Shop in Japan!

So a few months ago a friend gave me this old peanut tank that had some original 60's paint.  It had been sitting in the bed of an old truck behind there barn he thinks for close to twenty years.  He was going to scrap it, but thought I may like to have it.  So i had it hanging on my wall awhile then decided to see what I could get for it on e-bay.  I sold it to someone in the states for about $175.  I thought I had seen the last of it, but last night I was looking at one of a few blogs that I keep up with from Japan and low and behold there hung the old Dragon tank on their shop wall!  I couldn't believe it!  Something that had sat un seen for so long, now hangs prized on a shop wall in Japan!  Funny how things work sometimes.  Here's a pic of it in it's new home.  The Blog is www.daikoube.blogspot.com and the shops name is Duas Caras Cycles.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bike Of The Week

I've been slackin on Bike of the Week lately, but I haven't really seen anything that has caught my eye.  Until now. This little Triumph built by Mark Drew has set the bar a little higher in the custom bike world.  This thing is so cool and different! Pics were taken by DICE magazine.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The First Piece To The Puzzle

I want to run Harley 9 spoke mag wheels for my new FXR project.  One problem, the frame I have is for a 200 tire, the rear Harley 9 spoke wheel is a 16x3.  You need about a 5.5 wide wheel to run a 200 tire, so I called Kosmans to see if they could widen it that much and could they make it a 17 also.  I talked to Matt out there, who was super helpful, and he said no problem.  So problem solved, my old 16x3 is now a 17x5.5 with offset lips so I don't have to run some crazy big spacers for the sprocket to clear the tire. 
Old Wheel
New Wheel

My New Old Project

 A couple years ago my dad wanted me to build him a bike.  He found a really great deal on a custom bike his friend had, but it had been sitting and was rough and dated.  He bought the bike and wanted me to completely redo it.  My dad is like most of the general public when it comes to custom bikes, he likes billet and bling!  Not really my cup of tea or style, but I wanted to make him happy.  So that's what I was building for him but then he got a little burned out on the project and wanted to sell it.  He knew it was ether stick more money into it to finish it, or sell it as is.  Loose loose situation there.  We came to an agreement that since I had all the labor in it that he would sell it to me for a good price and it would become my next bike. So that's what we did, but now I had to sell all the bling and billet to fund the rest of the project and change it to my style.  The only thing I'm keeping from the project is frame, all the drive line, and rear fender.  Everything else will be changed.  Here is the bike as it was for my dad.          

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Last Project "The Mini Rig"

Flat drags!
 My last project was a mini bike that I built for my friends mini bike poker run that he calls "Biggin Bash".  We ride our minis in a little poker run on the main road.   Then we all ride to a camp ground and have field events like a circle track race and flat drags.  It's loads of fun and mini bikes are a blast to build.  The one I built was a old Ruttman frame I was told, that I bought as a complete bike on Craigslist.  I only used the frame and wheels, everything else I made or is new.  I made a cool little gas tank, an all stainless front end, seat pan,  T bars, pegs, and changed the frame around a bit.  I also wanted to build a sick fast motor, cause there are some guys there that are really competitive.  I bought a Harbor Freight OHV 6.5 hp motor and kept only the head, block, and crank.  It has a flat top piston, billet rod, big cam, heavier valve springs, 22mm Mikuni carb with billet intake, stepped pipe, aluminum fly wheel and the governor has been removed.  It also has a Comet belt drive set up which makes all the difference when putting the power down.  The local race cart guy said it should make between 15-18 hp now, I want to dyno it to see what it really does.  It rips and I had a blast riding and racing it this summer.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bike Of The Week

Super clean and classy Trumpet.  Love the chrome hard tail and painted frame combo.  Pic was taken by Josh Kurpius.  I met him in Sturgis a few years back, super cool dude, check his stuff out at joshkurpius.com or at kemosabeandthelodge.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

John Harman 120in. Shovel Head

I found these pics online awhile back.  This is one of the coolest looking motors I've ever seen.  The dual mechanical throttle body's the way they are positioned and mechanical fuel pump are bad ass!  It's also 120 in. Shovel!  I wish a motor like this could be run on a street bike and be dependable.  You were the man John!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Cool Pic's

                           Some Pic's I've taken over the years, I like taking odd position pictures.

Bike Of The Week

Found this bike online last week in a google search.  A little flat track and classic bobber style.  Interesting finish on wheels, I like it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bike Of The Week

                       This little pre-unit has it all, wish I could find a pic of it on the ground though.