Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foreign Affairs Project

It could happen?  Now all I need is someone with a want for a tiny drag bike and some money!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hot Dog Special

A few weeks ago I visited my family in Kentucky and went for a walk on my late great uncle's property.  He was a heavy machinery mechanic and I believe he must have kept everything he ever owned.  I knew he had a couple old Dodge trucks that he never got around to getting on the road.  I hoped to get one for a future project to live on his dream.  The truck is a 36 Dodge in fairly decent shape to build a little hot rod from.  Lack of funds and time, this will be a long term project.  His nick name around town was Hot Dog, so I'm calling this project the Hot Dog Special. 

What it could be someday


This summer I changed the mini rig over to Alcohol in hopes to gain a few more pony's.  It's a blue printed Tillotson from AGK.  It makes the motor sound really cool at idle, but it's a pain to ride at low rpm. Smells cool though! 

H-Town Shaker Is Finished!!

I've been slackin on posts lately, but I've finally finished the H-Town Shaker to show for it!  I've had it done for a few weeks now and done a little ridin with friends, had a few small demons to work out, but rides really well.

Home made Brake/Clutch Reservoirs

Purge welded all of the exhaust

Megaphone exhaust bracket