Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exotx-American Motorcycle Parts

    When it came time to have custom hubs machined for the LSR Honda Kim Tab wheels I contacted a local machinist I know Mark Ruberg of Exotx.  When I have something that needs machined that's out of my basic machine shop skills this is the guy I call.  Marks shop is called Jay Tool, but he started another business called Exotx.  Exotx is a line of custom motorcycle air cleaners, air filter screens, and air filters that have been proven to flow better than a K&N filter.  I hand drew an idea of what I wanted with dimensions and took them to mark.  The front was easy cause it was just going to be a spool, but the rear was a little harder cause I wanted to use a sprint car rotor and the stock CB sprocket bolt pattern.  Mark and I went over my ideas and a few weeks later he made them a reality.  These hubs are exactly what i visioned and are works of art all by them selves!  Stay tuned for pics of them mounted!  Mark Ruberg, 513-353-1245.

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