Thursday, March 1, 2012

LSR Honda 350 Update

    The past few weeks the LSR Honda has not seen much "physical" progress, but everyone involved in this project has been hard at work.  Donny has the motor blown apart and is working on a deal having pistons made, Josh Shaw is working on an art rendering for us to help show more of what the overall vision is, Bruce has been workin on researching questions and getting deals on parts, Mark Ruberg machined our killer wheel hubs for us and is now working on a custom valve cover/head girdle, Scott at J and M metal finishing has been powder coating parts, and I've been fabing parts and trying to keep the project moving forward.  All these people and more are going to make this record happen!

Figuring out the new swing arm
These will be the end of the "rigid" swing arm that bolts to the frame.  Aluminum inserts to save weight.
I chose "cast iron" for the powder coat color on the wheels.  J and M metal finishing did the coating.
Frame is all cleaned up of unwanted brackets
ARP stainless 12 point nuts and bolts will be used through out.  Super bad ass!

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