Saturday, December 17, 2011

Photo Shoot

While at the Dayton Cyclefest show Zac Fisher from shot a few pics of the H-Town Shaker and the Mini Rig.  Check um out!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cool Breaker Japan 2011

The coolest show on the planet was last weekend in Japan.  Moon Eyes Cool Breaker 2011, we need a show like this in he US!

H-Town Shaker Updates

A lot of personal stuff goin on and my day job is crazy busy,  sorry not much has been posted lately.  Despite all that I have managed a few changes to the H-Town Shaker and caught a local show.

Dayton Cyclefest 2011
Made the display out of some weathered skids

New chrome bubble visor
Finally got the fairing cut down, painted, and installed

Made Brit a guard on the belt drive to keep her foot out of it
Added some powder coat and engine turned aluminum to the axle covers
Powder coated and chromed the tail light to match the head light

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foreign Affairs Project

It could happen?  Now all I need is someone with a want for a tiny drag bike and some money!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hot Dog Special

A few weeks ago I visited my family in Kentucky and went for a walk on my late great uncle's property.  He was a heavy machinery mechanic and I believe he must have kept everything he ever owned.  I knew he had a couple old Dodge trucks that he never got around to getting on the road.  I hoped to get one for a future project to live on his dream.  The truck is a 36 Dodge in fairly decent shape to build a little hot rod from.  Lack of funds and time, this will be a long term project.  His nick name around town was Hot Dog, so I'm calling this project the Hot Dog Special. 

What it could be someday


This summer I changed the mini rig over to Alcohol in hopes to gain a few more pony's.  It's a blue printed Tillotson from AGK.  It makes the motor sound really cool at idle, but it's a pain to ride at low rpm. Smells cool though! 

H-Town Shaker Is Finished!!

I've been slackin on posts lately, but I've finally finished the H-Town Shaker to show for it!  I've had it done for a few weeks now and done a little ridin with friends, had a few small demons to work out, but rides really well.

Home made Brake/Clutch Reservoirs

Purge welded all of the exhaust

Megaphone exhaust bracket

Monday, August 8, 2011

H-Town Shaker Update

2" stainless, 2 into 1, 2" to 4" megaphone.  Can you hear me now!
Diamond pattern seat.  Not super happy with this, but it'll do for now

Oops!  The notch in the battery box for the chain no longer lined up.  Cut it out and made these filler pieces out of stainless. I actually like it better this way.