Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Behind A Barn, To A Shop in Japan!

So a few months ago a friend gave me this old peanut tank that had some original 60's paint.  It had been sitting in the bed of an old truck behind there barn he thinks for close to twenty years.  He was going to scrap it, but thought I may like to have it.  So i had it hanging on my wall awhile then decided to see what I could get for it on e-bay.  I sold it to someone in the states for about $175.  I thought I had seen the last of it, but last night I was looking at one of a few blogs that I keep up with from Japan and low and behold there hung the old Dragon tank on their shop wall!  I couldn't believe it!  Something that had sat un seen for so long, now hangs prized on a shop wall in Japan!  Funny how things work sometimes.  Here's a pic of it in it's new home.  The Blog is www.daikoube.blogspot.com and the shops name is Duas Caras Cycles.

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