Sunday, November 7, 2010

My New Old Project

 A couple years ago my dad wanted me to build him a bike.  He found a really great deal on a custom bike his friend had, but it had been sitting and was rough and dated.  He bought the bike and wanted me to completely redo it.  My dad is like most of the general public when it comes to custom bikes, he likes billet and bling!  Not really my cup of tea or style, but I wanted to make him happy.  So that's what I was building for him but then he got a little burned out on the project and wanted to sell it.  He knew it was ether stick more money into it to finish it, or sell it as is.  Loose loose situation there.  We came to an agreement that since I had all the labor in it that he would sell it to me for a good price and it would become my next bike. So that's what we did, but now I had to sell all the bling and billet to fund the rest of the project and change it to my style.  The only thing I'm keeping from the project is frame, all the drive line, and rear fender.  Everything else will be changed.  Here is the bike as it was for my dad.          

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