Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Last Project "The Mini Rig"

Flat drags!
 My last project was a mini bike that I built for my friends mini bike poker run that he calls "Biggin Bash".  We ride our minis in a little poker run on the main road.   Then we all ride to a camp ground and have field events like a circle track race and flat drags.  It's loads of fun and mini bikes are a blast to build.  The one I built was a old Ruttman frame I was told, that I bought as a complete bike on Craigslist.  I only used the frame and wheels, everything else I made or is new.  I made a cool little gas tank, an all stainless front end, seat pan,  T bars, pegs, and changed the frame around a bit.  I also wanted to build a sick fast motor, cause there are some guys there that are really competitive.  I bought a Harbor Freight OHV 6.5 hp motor and kept only the head, block, and crank.  It has a flat top piston, billet rod, big cam, heavier valve springs, 22mm Mikuni carb with billet intake, stepped pipe, aluminum fly wheel and the governor has been removed.  It also has a Comet belt drive set up which makes all the difference when putting the power down.  The local race cart guy said it should make between 15-18 hp now, I want to dyno it to see what it really does.  It rips and I had a blast riding and racing it this summer.

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