Monday, January 30, 2012

LSR Honda 350 Update

Quick mock up to get a vision
Trimming the fat! About half done
Scored this Titanium rotor at a swap meet this weekend
Got the tires mounted. 18" MT slick front, 19" Metz Laser Tec rear 
The heart and soul.  Made the trip across the big pond
Donny Loo's dude in Japan hooked us up.


  1. Who is machining the bearing/rotor/sprocket carriers for the Kimtabs for you? I have a set and can't give my money away to get someone to work with me on the carriers. If you have a source or are doing it yourself I would greatly appreciate the information being passed along.

  2. Hey, sorry, just noticed your comment. I just made a post about the hubs I had made. They're probably gonna be a little different from your project, but Mark may be interested in helping you out. Anything else I can help with just let me know.