Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blown Honda 350 Bonneville Project

Back in October I ran into a friend of mine, Bruce Wyke, at a festival.  He said he had a dream about us building a bike and racing it at Bonneville.  I was a little shocked and the idea had never crossed my mine before, but I loved it!  A few weeks went by and I kept thinking of it so I called Bruce and asked if he was serious.  He said yeah!  Since then has been a lot of research, ideas, and pin pointing what class we wanted to run.  I had a 69 Honda CB 350 project so we decided to use that motor and put a supercharger on it to run the modified blown 350 class. Donny Loos of Don's Custom Cycles will be building the motor for us.  We have not really started "building" the bike yet because we want to make sure our bike is legal to run in the modified class,  so we're still getting to the bottom of all the regulations.  We have managed to  gather a few parts so far though.   I'm ready to start cutting!  
One of two donor bikes.  Bruce picked this one up for a whopping $50.

Kimtab Magnesium wheels, after bead blast.  19" rear 18" front

1970 Honda SL 350 frame will be used

The mock up motor

A couple frame mock ups

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