Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LSR Honda Update

  Have not posted in awhile but, a lot of figuring has been going on to help make sure we stay within the rules, have a safe bike, and lastly  build one damn fast Honda 350.  Bill at Bore Tech has finished his part of the motor so this is a great step in the right direction. When we started this project we wanted to build a bike to go to Bonneville , hopefully set a record, and most of all have fun while doing it! Although Bonneville and the last ECTA meet are probably out of our reach this year, we have plans to have the bike finished for some indoor shows this winter and hit all four ECTA meets and Bonneville next summer.  This is when keeping our goal of this project being fun really begins!  So thanks for everyone who has been following the project, don't loose hope the end will be worth it!

Big Intake Valve

Mild Port and Polish

Both heads and jugs have been O ringed

Custom made 8:5:1 compression Ross Pistons
Megacycle Cam

? will it work ?
The start to our lower blower pulley hub

Finally got the rear frame hoop the way I want 

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