Sunday, December 11, 2011

H-Town Shaker Updates

A lot of personal stuff goin on and my day job is crazy busy,  sorry not much has been posted lately.  Despite all that I have managed a few changes to the H-Town Shaker and caught a local show.

Dayton Cyclefest 2011
Made the display out of some weathered skids

New chrome bubble visor
Finally got the fairing cut down, painted, and installed

Made Brit a guard on the belt drive to keep her foot out of it
Added some powder coat and engine turned aluminum to the axle covers
Powder coated and chromed the tail light to match the head light

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  1. Saw your bike in Hot Bike magazine, I really like how it turned out. I was wondering if you could provide some info on the fairing you used? This is probably my favorite bike of all time, and I'm using it for inspiration on my bike. Thanks.....Scott m